Be the Fire, Not the Moth- Adonis


Look at this pic with open eyes. Who is hungry here?

There is a piece of advice Casanova, immortalized by the legendary actor Heath Ledger, gave to Giovanni Bruni to get hold of and win women’s hearts just like him in the Hollywood movie Casanova.

At first Casanova states there is no such secret but due of Bruni’s compelling nature, he finally says “Be the Fire, Not the Moth”. What does that even mean? What does that have to do with women?

Let me explain this riddle to you. One side of it is, never go after women. The women should came after you, like moths come to fire. What makes you think women will come after you? That’s the other side; for that you should be ‘the fire’.

How to be the fire?

The spiritual leaders and melodramatic movies are stating it is only the inner beauty that is relevant in a relationship. But you and I very well know it is only the case after we open our mouth (Yes, after that inner beauty is everything folks). Before that the way we stand, the way we walk and the way we look decides the ‘fire’ factor in us.

Don’t have to bail out when I include physique into this discussion. By physique it doesn’t necessarily mean all muscles but the fitness others can see in you. So stop being lazy. “Be the Fire, Not the Moth”.

What are you eating?

Stop hunting for pretty woman, instead you be the pretty guy. Transform your body into Adonis Golden Ratio and let a women hunt you down! Shredding few pounds is ridiculously easy if you know the secrets. You could drink red smoothies to detoxify your body instead of fat breakfast. Alternatively you can try Garcinia supplement to suppress your hunger. Both of them works well.

But how? Watch this video now

If you need more information I suggest you to read this review by a hot chick (and not some fat ugly guy)

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