3 Steps To Get Rid Of Man Boobs Forever

Men who are a little tubby try never to remove their t-shirts at the beach as the self conscious part of the brain will not allow it. You feel that other people will stare, make fun and make a website about you and your man boobs!

Some men are not too bothered and decide just to hide the boobs and live with it. But for some of us, that is not a choice we feel comfortable with. So if I told you that there may be a way to get rid of your man boobs forever, would you be interested? OK, here are three steps to get rid of man boobs forever.

What you eat?

The first step is all about food. What you feed yourself can determine what you look like. Your man boobs are basically excess fat your body has stored. So the idea is to shift the excess fat. Start to be conscious of how much fat you consume on a regular basis. The less fat you eat, the less fat your body will store.


Get a grip on your daily diet and start watching the calories. It is advised that your daily intake should be no more than 15% fat. The rest should be made up of 60% carbohydrates and the rest is protein. Sounds complicated but the easiest way to achieve this is to consume foods which adhere to this ratio naturally. Look for foods with more natural ingredients. For instance, go for wholemeal bread instead of white bread. Same with pasta and rice, try the whole wheat version (usually colored brown). And get some vegetables inside of you. Not just a few but good portions.

The Diet & Nutrition Approach

For a typical meal, 2 thirds should be vegetables and the remainder should be lean meat (chicken or turkey) or fish.

Portion control is another important point. Go for smaller plates, no bigger than a 9 inch diameter. Having a smaller plate will remind you to have a smaller portion, so less calories. And just because you have a smaller plate does not mean you should have seconds. Even if you don’t feel full, you will after 15 minutes.

Burning Fat

Your second step is to turn that fat into muscle. You don’t have to go to the gym every day to achieve this and can be done at home. There are many publications which can give you ideas to suit your schedule.

If you don’t feel disciplined enough to work out at home, join a gym and get some the staff to write you a personal training plan to achieve your goals.

This step is important because having just a little bit of muscle will help burn fat. Having a bit more muscle will also help your body to burn fat faster than it would with less muscle.

The final step is to get aerobic. Get out and do some exercise. Most activities which raise your heart rate will do the trick. Jogging, brisk walking, playing team sports, cycling, swimming, rollerblading, etc. Get the idea? This will melt the fat. Try and get out and do at least 60 minutes per time, 5 times per week.

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The supplemental Push

Products like Gynectrol are very helpful with the combination of good diet and regular exercise.

When you go through your morning ritual of brushing your teeth or styling your hair whilst looking in the mirror, do you like what you see in the reflection? Most men are known to suck in the belly to make them look better but if you have man boobs, trying to reduce the appearance of them is not that easy. The term ‘man boobs’ cab be funny but it is not funny to live with them. Men who have these hate to take off any clothing at the beach, the gym and other places where others may see their chest. It can greatly reduce self confidence.

But is there a way to get rid of them? Well there are a few ways. The easiest ways are to make some simple changes in your lifestyle. Understand this. Man boobs are primarily made up of excess fat. It needs to be treated the same as a tubby belly.

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