Bromelain & Marvin Eder’s Body Building Secrets

Long before steroids were invented, a man they called “The Biceps From The Bronx” held the unofficial title of pound-for-pound, the World’s Strongest Man.

Mighty Marvin Eder was every bit as strong as he looked. His legendary feats of strength include…

  • 80 consecutive bodyweight chin-ups… and he could do 8 reps with 200 pounds attached to his waist!
  • Bench Pressing 515 pounds
  • Dips with 434 pounds!

His secret? Plenty of hard work… a healthy diet… and perhaps a bit of help from a common tropical fruit.

Here’s the story:

Way back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, bodybuilders started eating extra protein to spur muscle growth. It was common practice to eat two pounds of steak and wash it down with a quart of milk each day.

These days we here lots of doping related scandals. Did you know that Clenbuterol is one of the most abused anabolic steroid? See this

As you can imagine, many old time bodybuilders experienced digestion problems. But NOT Marvin Eder! Because Marvin Eder added something extra to his meals.

The secret ingredient? It wasn’t steroids or creatine.

It Was Pineapple!

Other bodybuilders of that era reported seeing Marvin Eder eat a little bit of pineapple with each meal. As it turns out, pineapple contains an enzyme called “Bromelain.” And bromelain helps the body digest and use protein.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because not only can bromelain help you digest more protein, but it can also help you…

  • Recover faster from brutal workouts
  • Build muscle faster by helping you better absorb protein and minerals
  • Speed healing and boost your immune system
  • And ease joint pain

Don’t take my word it. Multiple scientific studies back up the effectiveness of Bromelain.

See for yourself:

Proof: Bromelain speeds up muscle recovery

Sports scientists at Baylor University gave conducted a study using hard-training male athletes. Half the group received a placebo for 21 days. The other half received a bromelain supplement. (ref)

Then the groups were forced to run on a treadmill programmed to make the athletes extremely sore. Researchers than measured how long it took the athletes to return to full strength and the total number of inflammatory factors in the athletes blood.

The group that took the Bromelain supplement recovered within 3 hours of the training exercise! The control group needed more than 48 hours to get their strength back. And the students who took the Bromelain showed fewer inflammatory factors in their blood . It becomes very serious if you have low testosterone.

Proof: Bromelain aids digestion

Bromelain has a wide pH range, which means bromelain works to digest food both in the stomach AND in the small intestine. This is important because some foods are mainly digested in the stomach, while others are mainly digested in the small intestine.

A 1970 study in the British Journal of Medicine showed that bromelain was used successfully as a digestive aid for patients who had their pancreas removed.

Normally, your pancreas provides your body with digestive enzymes but even after having their pancreases removed, these patients were able to properly digest food AND even gain weight when taking Bromelain.

Here’s why this is important for athletes and bodybuilders:

A well known strength coach has gone of record stating that “Over the last 4 years, I’ve been amazed how a correction in [digestive enzymes] has led to not only dramatic improvements in physique and strength, but also improvements in a variety of health parameters. Interestingly enough, in strength-trained individuals those improvements are often associated with gains of 15-18 pounds of lean body mass within two months! “

Proof: Bromelain speeds healing

Researches found that bromelain can actually help you heal faster from burns and bruises too!

In a study done on rats, bromelain applied to a burned patch of skin healed the afflicted area in 1.9 days versus an average healing time of 10.6 days without bromelain (ref).

And in a study done on 74 boxers with a wide variety of facial bruises and injuries, the boxers who took bromelain were completely healed within 4 days while those who took the placebo took a full 7-14 days for complete healing.

In another study, groups of patients about to undergo surgery were given bromelain to see if would shorten recovery time. The group that received the bromelain reported less swelling, less pain and less tenderness after surgery.

Here’s why this matters to you:

When you work out, you are causing microscopic damage to your muscles. And it’s the healing and repairing of your damaged muscle fibers that translates into muscle growth.

Because bromelain is proven to speed recovery and healing, supplementing with bromelain can help you recover faster and BUILD MUSCLE FASTER!

Proof: Bromelain boosts immune system

In a study of 53 hospitalized patients with various respiratory illnesses, giving bromelain along with antibiotics yielded faster recovery time than giving antibiotics alone. (7).

In another study, Bromelain has been shown to remove harmful T-cell CD44 molecules from lymphocytes. (ref)


In layman’s terms, Bromelain boosts your immune system by helping your white blood cells produce a specific hormone that fights illness and disease.

So if feels like a poorly timed cold or flu always seems to stonewall your progress, you might want to add Bromelain to your daily routine and see what happens.

Proof: Bromelain can ease your joints

In Germany, Bromelain is one of the most popular supplements for the treatment of arthritis. And because of its anti-inflammatory properties, bromelain is often used to reduce joint pain. (ref)

Who would have thought that an enzyme found in regular old pineapple could be such powerful stuff?

But before you run out and load up on this tropical fruit, here’s…

The Prickly Problem With Pineapple

So if you want to reap the benefits of Bromelain, you should just go eat a bunch of pineapple, right?


First of all, Pineapple is expensive. A full organically-grown pineapple will run you about $3 and if you bought one each day, you’re looking at $90 a month just on pineapple.

But here’s the real kicker:

Bromelain is found in the STEM of the pineapple. So unless you plan on spending $90 a month on pineapples and only eating the stems, there’s little chance you’ll end up getting much bromelain from your investment.

That’s why it only makes sense to take a Bromelain supplement. Because with a Bromelain supplement, you get the concentrated pineapple enzymes WITHOUT spending a fortune on this prickly fruit.

But All Bromelain Supplements Are NOT Created Equal

Bromelain is found naturally occurring in the stems of pineapples. And because no two pineapples are exactly alike, there are different types of bromelain as well.

Bromelain is a naturally occurring enzyme and it can be found in many different strengths or enzyme activity levels. Cheap Bromelain will have an activity score of around 50 GDU per gram. And obviously, the more active the enzyme is, the better the enzyme works at helping you digest and absorb protein.

Better bromelain supplements will have a score of 600.

But I insisted on the top of the line when I went to work preparing my Tried & True Supplements Specially Formulated Digestive Aid.

It took a lot of digging but I found a source of bromelain with an enzyme activity level score of 2,000!

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